Taiwan Frigates Affair: 460 Million Euros for Taiwan Will Be Offset by Savings

The 460 million euros that the state must pay in the Taiwan frigates affair will be offset by budget savings to avoid increasing the deficit, suggested the French budget minister Baroin the National Assembly.

Members have formally adopted the government’s amendment provides that this appropriation of 460 million euros to be paid by the state after the decision made by the Court of Appeal in Paris.

That court dismissed the appeal brought by Thales against the arbitration award in 2010 sentenced the French contractor to repay hundreds of millions of dollars in Taiwan overpaid for commissions on the sale of frigates in 1991. The State shall bear 72.5% of the claim.

This sum will come with the worse deficit, said essentially the general rapporteur of the Budget Gilles Carrez, asking the minister to “savings for these 460 million” by the end of the year.

“Naturally, all these measures will be included in the scale of a balanced budget by the end of the year, ” said Budget Minister Baroin.

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