Air China Will Host the 2012 IATA Annual Conference

Air China will play the role of hosting and chairing the 68th Annual Conference of International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and the World Civil Aviation Summit to be held in Beijing, China, in 2012. Major airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers and service providers worldwide will attend the conference.

Air China is the most profitable airline in the world and has the largest market capitalization. With a brand value set in 40,630 billion yuan, it is the only airline in China that appears in the list World Brands 500. Air China’s success is due to the revival of the global airline industry, the economic boom of China and support from customers.

IATA has 230 member airlines and holds an annual conference in different cities each year in order to exchange important economic information from the industry. The decision of inviting Air China to host the annual conference next year reflects the growing importance of Chinese airline industry in the world.

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