China Will Build 800 Skyscrapers Over 152 Meters by 2016

China will build over 800 skyscrapers of 152 meters (500ft) by 2016, the number of towers will be four times more than the U.S..

Based on a study for a year on the tallest buildings in China, a report says that this year the country began the construction of 200 skyscrapers, an amount that equals the number of towers that is the U.S..

Experts said the construction of skyscrapers, which initially was aimed at saving ground, has now become a construction project for the image of China, but before approval of these projects, the authorities have to consider the high cost of construction, maintenance and environmental problems caused by these projects.

Building skyscrapers is a popular phenomenon all over China, even in cities with fewer than a million residents.

For example, in the village of Huaxi (华西村), famous for being the richest village in China and has 1,500 inhabitants, this year will complete the construction of a tower of 328 meters, which will be one of the highest the country.

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