The Titanic Sank, Again

Its fate was written: the Titanic II, a small yacht named in memory of the ship which sank in 1912, suffered the same fate during its maiden voyage in an English port, this time without casualties and without struck an iceberg.

“Without the help of the captain of the port, I sank with the Titanic, “he told the British owner of the vessel by 4.8 meters long, Mark Wilkinson, quoted in the British press today. “All that is really annoying, and I’m sick and tired of people asking me if I hit an iceberg, ” he added.

Mr. Wilkinson was out fishing off Dorset in southern England, for the first time aboard his new acquisition. Upon returning to port in West Bay, things have gone wrong, the hull was leaking.

Photographs published in British newspapers show Mr. Wilkinson clinging desperately to the small visible part of his sinking ship to peak. “It was not a very big boat. I think that ice could have run, ” commented ironically a witness.

The Titanic left Southampton for New York rally, sank April 14, 1912, after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage in the Atlantic. More than 1,500 people died during the shipwreck.


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