EU to Provide 150 Million Euros to Vegetable and Fruit Farmers

The European Commission proposed on Tuesday to release an aid of 150 million euros for Vegetable and Fruit Farmers facing a collapse in sales following the outbreak of EHEC bacteria in EU.

“We will propose a $ 150 million” financial aid to cover losses of farmers, whose products are shunned by consumers, concerned as salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and others may be carrying the potentially deadly bacterium, the Agriculture Commissioner Ciolos told the press.

But he said that exact figures depend on estimates of losses to be made in each country. “We will take the period from late May, marking the beginning of the crisis at the end of June” to calculate the amount of compensation, he added.

He was speaking on the sidelines of a special meeting of European Ministers of Agriculture in Luxembourg.

The particularly strain and resistant virulent form of E.coli, found in northern Germany, has already killed 23 people in Europe and sickened thousands more.

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