China Supports the Candidacy of Ban Ki-moon to a New Term as Head of the UN

Li Baodong, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations said Monday that China supports the candidacy of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, on his re-election, and “hopes he will get the support of all parties “.

Mr. Li told reporters at UN headquarters in New York just after the official announcement of Mr. Ban told a press conference of his candidacy for a second five-year term.

“At the head of the UN Secretary-General can exercise significant influence and play a unique role in the UN work in different areas, ” he said.

“These last four years and over, Mr. Ban Ki-moon as Secretary-General from an Asian country, has contributed significantly to strengthening the UN role in international affairs, ” Li said . “China is satisfied with his work. China supports the candidacy of Ban Ki-moon to another term and hopes he gets the support of all parties. ”

The current term of Mr. Ban ends December 31 and it has no rival for the said post. The 66 years old former South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs took over from Kofi Annan in January 2007.

Earlier Monday, Mr. Ban met with the Asian Group at the United Nations and formally requested the support of Asia.

“The response of Asian countries is very positive, ” Li said. “Actually, there is unanimous support for his candidacy for reelection. The countries think he has demonstrated strong leadership and has a vision, and he is someone who really cares about development, gender issues and also has a program for the next five years. “

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