People in Chongqing Commemorate the Victims of Bombing in WWII

People in Chongqing Commemorate the Bombing of Chongqing today, outdoor warning sirens can be heard in every corner of the city.

Early 1941, the Japanese launched air strikes (code:102) to China before the Pacific War. From January to August, more than 3,000 air sorties striked Chongqing city.

June 5 1941, the Japanese bombed Chongqing intensively from evening until midnight. About four thousand residents, who hid in a tunnel, were asphyxiated.

Three thousand tons of bombs were launched on the city between 1939 and 1942. According to photographer Carl Mydans, the spring 1941 bombings were the most destructive shelling ever made on a city. Although by comparison 2,300 tons of bombs were dropped by Allied bombers on Berlin in a single night during the Battle of Berlin. A total of 268 air raids were conducted against Chongqing.

Alerting outdoor warning siren on this day has become a tradition in Chongqing as remembrance for the victims of bombing.

Wikipedia on Bombing of Chongqing

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