Information Anxiety

I once had the so called “information anxiety” when I was a child: I needed loads of newspaper and magazines to feed myself everyday. Also I was fond of watching TV, it would be quite sad every Tuesday afternoon as all the TV stations in China stooped broadcasting for maintenance at 1300 every Tuesday. Thank God I don’t have to worry about this anymore because I’d like to keep TV away from my daily life when Internet is available. But somehow I feel uneasy if I didn’t update this wee blog, I guess this could be the second phrase of “information anxiety”: I need to find something new to feed readers. Just in case if I’m too busy to write the entry myself, I’ll choose some news from those agencies which release their content under public domain, so there will be no IP related problem.

P.S. In the past two days some static files of this blog have been successfully transferred to CDN service provided by Amazon S3, it costs more but the load speed of this blog will be faster than ever before. There will be planned initial plugin tests this weekend, every single entry of this blog will be served as static page and we shall have a better architecture for blogging when every plugin is in position.

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