Sternstunden der Menschheit: How majestic is your name in all the earth!


It was right before the Christmas of 2003, Yu Jie, one of the most famous “Angry young intellectuals” in 1990s, decided to receive the baptism of the holy spirit. On the day before the baptism, he told his wife Ning Xuan (Liu Min) “I don’t like cumbersome ceremony, and I’ll not kneel down in the baptism tomorrow.” Ning Xuan answered him, “baptism is a confession of your belief, it is your statement to the entire world, and to Satan as well. You shall join the legion of God from then on! You don’t have to kneel down as there’s no one required you to do that.”

The next day in a narrow and crowded room of Family Church, dozens of brothers and sisters gathered together to testify the simple but holy baptism. When priest Song Jun calledYu Jie’s name, he came forward and straight away knelt down there in front of the rostrum, and cried loudly…


What happened to Yu Jie in the 1990s? And what kind of miracle converted him from a cynic writer to a humble servant of his Lord? His wife Ning Xuan has the details in this testimony named “How majestic is your name in all the earth” (《你的名在全地何其美》).

In 1999, Ning was working in a foreign-invested enterprise in southern China (while in real life, Liu Min was working in a bank in Wuhan), after came cross Yu Jie’s book “Fire and Ice” in personal reading, she couldn’t resist writing a letter to Yu Jie, who was still a student in Graduate School of Beijing University. It was the first time in Ning’s life to write a letter to a complete stranger. In her letter she said, “Under the sky which is no longer blue, the life is still worth enduring to the end if there’s another one can share the bitterness and cry with me together.” Among thousands of letters came from readers,Yu replied to Ning, many years later when recalled the memory he said he was having lunch when started to read Ning’s letter, and suddenly he felt his heart was hit by her words. These letters travelling across northern and southern China completely changed the life of both young men.

Ning left her job and came to Beijing. “Yu Jie, the poor student residing in student apartment, was the only one I know among 20 million people living in Beijing.” She said. “I had no fear at all and gave up everything for my love and future.” It was 2000, the beginning of the new century.


I select the story of their love and translate it here, it was just the first part of their life. For more details of Yu Jie and Ning Xuan (Liu Min), please read the book “Vanilla Hill” (《香草山》) written by Yu Jie.  There’s an online version here (in Chinese).

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