The Literature of the United States by Marcus Cunliffe

“The Literature of the United States” is a general introduction to the main themes and figures of the American literary scene, from colonial times to the present day. It was first introduced to China by the US Embassy in the middle of 1980s. This book inspired generations of Chinese students to pursue the beauty of English language.

Marcus Cunliffe (1922–1990) was incontestably an important figure in American studies. In the early part of his academic career he helped to found the subject area in Britain, and he was later both awarded professorial appointments at the Universities of Manchester and Sussex and elected to the chairmanship of the British Association for American Studies, from which positions he served as a personal inspiration and professional mentor to several “generations” of UK American studies academics. Those who knew him and worked with him were invariably struck by his tall good looks, charisma and charm – characteristics that no doubt also contributed to his successful career, in Britain and in the United States, first as a visiting scholar, and later, during his final years, as the occupant of an endowed chair at George Washington University in Washington, DC. As the correspondence in his papers attest, he was held in high – and warm – regard by many of the leading US historians of his heyday.


The Literature of the United States

Marcus Cunliffe

目 录

1. 殖民时代的美国
2. 美国与欧洲──独立带来的问题
3. 独立──最初的果实(欧文、库珀、坡)
4. 新英格兰时(爱默生、梭罗、霍桑)
5. 梅尔维尔与惠特曼
6. 其他新英格兰作家(绅士派诗人和史家)
7. 美国幽默和西部的兴起(马克.吐温)
8. 地方情调的文学(狄更生和其他作家)
9. 美国小说中的现实主义(从豪威尔斯到德莱塞)
10. 旅外作家 (亨利.詹姆斯、伊迪丝、毕顿、亨利.亚当斯、格特鲁德.斯泰因)
11. 新诗
12. 第一次世界大战后的小说
13. 美国的戏剧
14. 第一次世界大战后的诗与批评
15. 一九四五年以后的美国与作家

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