Mountain Baekdusan: Kim Jong-Il’s Secret Military Command Centre?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has constructed a military command centre in a hollowed-out mountain close to the Chinese border from where he plans to fight a guerrilla campaign should his nation be invaded or engulfed in civil unrest.

Beneath a lavish palace used by the North Korean supreme leader, the interior of Mount Baekdusan (长白山,中国东北) has been excavated and can store helicopters and fighter jets that can take off from a nearby airfield, according to the military analysis experts of the Kanwa Information Centre’s Hong Kong bureau.

“This whole region is historically significant to the entire regime because this is where Kim Il-Song, Kim’s father, staged his guerrilla campaign against the Japanese during the occupation in the early decades of the last century,” said Andrei Chang, author of the report.


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