Civil Servants Take Advantage of State Operated Matchmaking Service

China’s state organs have set up a unique matchmaking website for single civil servants working in central ministries and commissions. The web address is . This platform is named Yang Wu Que Qiao 央务鹊桥, one of the key parts in “Sunny Government” project. The website provides “safe and reliable matchmaking service” for those single civil servants in Beijing.

In order to join this platform, the annual fee is 100 yuan for those single civil servants, as for the relatives of staff in state organs, the service charge is 500 yuan per year. For applicants who have no connection with state organs, they need to have a decent job in Beijing and hold a bachelor degree. After been checked and qualified, the annual fee for the first year is 800 yuan, and 500 yuan from the second year.

Civil servants are well paid and widely respected in China, their jobs are extremely stable as well. Considering the current economic downturn, those young single civil servants are high profile assets in the matchmaking market today.

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