“Yes, it’s Caing.com not Caijing.com.cn!”

Hu Shuli’s Caixin Media announced a new website Caing.com today and appointed Wangshuo as cheif editor of Caing.com.

Wang Shuo was the Managing Editor of CAIJING Magazine, a leading Chinese business publication known for its in-depth analysis and hard-hitting investigative reporting. Since joining CAIJING in 1998, Wang Shuo has played a key role in the magazine’s editorial and management decision-making. He has overseen many of the magazine’s major milestones, including landmark stories like “Fund Management: Behind the Black Curtain” and “The Trap of Yin Guang Xia.” Prior to CAIJING, Wang Shuo worked at International News Department of People’s Daily for three years. Wang Shuo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Renmin University of China; a Master’s degree in philosophy from Peking University; an executive MBA from the joint program of Fordham University and the China Center for Economic Research, Peking University; and a Master’s degree of International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University.

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