Zong Fengming Died at 89

Zong Fengming, the author of “Zhao Ziyang: captive conversations” (ISBN 9627934216 9789627934219) died at 1:30 last Thursday, he was 89 years old. The farewell ceremony was held last Saturday in Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH). Over 100 people attended the ceremony. Zong’s family refused the interview upon his wish.

Zong was the close friend of Former CCP General Secretary Zhao Ziyang, both of them came from Henan province and they fought the anti-Japanese war together in the 1940s. Between July 1991 and October 2004, Zong was the only people been allowed to visit Zhao Ziyang regularly. After Zhao’s death, Zong published his memoir in 2007. The book “Zhao Ziyang: captive conversations” is the record of his conversations with Zhao Ziyang who had been placed under house arrest for 16 years.

Zong was the Party secretary of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, he had been put under house arrest for a period of time after published his memoir.

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