.CN Registrations Temporarily Unavailable for Oversea Registrars

CNNIC, the official registry for the Chinese top-level domain .CN, announced that all oversea registrars will no longer be allowed to register .CN domains since January 6, 2010. In consequence, the registration of .CN domain names outside of China is no longer possible at the moment. The registration stop is planned to be temporarily. According to the Chinese registry, difficulties in handling the comprehensive new registration documents are the reason for this drastic development. The new registration documents are required since the middle of December 2009, when CNNIC suddenly changed its registration policies.

CNNIC has not specified a date at which the exclusion of oversea registrars from .CN registrations is removed again. The registry has announced to further explore methodologies on how to verify the registration documents with its oversea partners. As soon as a new mechanism is established, CNNIC will re-open the registration.

Prior to this last change, CNNIC has carried out two more changes in its registration policies:

1. Since January 1st, 2010, China domestic registrants are no longer allowed to register a .CN domain via an oversea registrar.

2. If any registrant’s business license or personal ID are not in Chinese or English, he has to file in a notarized English translation of these documents for domain name application starting with January 15th, 2010.

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