(译言) Has Been Shut Down for “Inappropriate Content” From the Guardian

The translation community (译言) has been banned for “violation of relevant regulations”. Yeeyan sent an official tweet on 30th, Nov, saying that the site was down due to server outage. Today the company published an open letter to customers about 1 hour ago, for the first time admitted that the website was banned because of its inappropriate content.

Some people believe that the following articles from the Guardian triggered the censorship (Google cache pages are still available):

进京上访被关“黑监狱” (Thrown into the Black Jail While Appealing Petition)

有报道指:上访者被关“黑监狱” | 卫报- 译言出品 (Petitioners Have Been Thrown into the Black Jail)

The Guardian introduces its connection with on this page:

In an experimental project, the Guardian is collaborating with Yeeyan, a ground-breaking community translation website, to offer Chinese language versions of a selection of articles daily.

Yeeyan is a network of volunteers who translate material which they think would be of interest to a Chinese audience. The selection of Guardian articles for translation is made by Yeeyan members. You can see all Guardian articles available in Chinese here. Where you see this link – “阅读中文 | Read this in Chinese” – on Guardian stories in English, you can follow the link to a Chinese version. For all Guardian coverage of China, plus reports from Danwei, a Beijing-based website on media and urban life, go to



译言是一个双语志愿者的社区。译者们选择他们认为有益于中国的外语内容进行翻译。卫报中文栏目的内容选择由译言社区成员完成,并汇集在这里供您阅读。另外,如果您在阅读卫报英语文章时看到这个标志(”阅读中文 | Read this in Chinese”),可以点击阅读这篇文章的中文版。而如果您有兴趣阅读更多关于中国的报道,以及来自”单位(一个在北京写作、关注中国城市生活与媒体现状的博客)”的内容,请进入卫报中国。

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