Princesses of China in Annual Paris Crillon Haute-Couture Debutantes Ball

The Annual Paris Crillon Haute-Couture Debutantes Ball is held at the ultra-chic Le Crillon hotel, overlooking Paris’ Place de la Concorde. Aristocracy and celebrity girls from all over the world will be trussed up in high-end pret au porter or couture and “presented” to society on the arm of a dashing escort chosen for them by the event’s organizer Ophélie Renouard. Strictly invitation only. Many of the débutantes represent a leading international fashion house. So far seven Chinese girls have participated.

Ariel Ho-Kjaer, granddaughter of Stanley Ho (何鴻燊).
Jasmine Li, granddaughter of Jia Qinglin (贾庆林).
Chelsea,  granddaughter of Sir Sik-Nin Chau (周锡年爵士)
Olivia Pei, granddaughter of Ieoh Ming Pei (贝聿铭)
Veronica Chou, daughter of  Silas Chou
Chen Xiaodan (陈晓丹), daughter of Chen Yuan (陈元),  granddaughter of Chen Yun (陈云).
Wan Baobao (万宝宝),  granddaughter of Wanli (万里).