The Character of the Year in China

Chinese netizens are discussing about the character of the year. There’s a website for people to submit and vote for their ideas: ( 年度汉字 )

“The Character of the year” first started in Japan in 1995 (named The Kanji of the year – 今年の漢字 Kotoshi no Kanji ). This year the game attracted great interest of Chinese netizens. Some featured Chinese characters they’ve chosen are:

墙: Wall. China once was a physically walled country and is famous for the Great Wall. Now the Internet censorship has established a virtual wall between Chinese people and the outside world, China has become a walled country again.

推: Push. The homophone of “Twitter” in Chinese. Some people believe that the revolution of instant communication and large, decentralized online communities will eventually lead to better governance and Civil Society.

囧:Embarrassed. The character 囧 symbolizes an embarrassed smile. The charset GB2312 contains 6763 characters, many of them are hardly used in daily life, Chinese netizens convert those characters to express their vivid emotions. Most people don’t know the right pronunciation of these characters, but the structures explain everything: 烎, 囧, 槑, 玊, 奣, 嘦, 勥, 巭, 嫑, 恏, 兲, 氼, 忈, 炛 …

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