Chongqing: 60th anniversary of martyrdom “11.27”

Chongqing Geleshan martyrs cemetery is the former site of Kuomintang concentration camp named “Institute of Sino-US cooperation”. November 27, 1949, the KMT killed more than 300 detained communists and social activists, only 35 survived from the holocaust.

The poem below was written by a martyr named Zhou Conghua. Zhou was a communist with identity of high-ranking commander in KMT army, he was killed in November 27, 1949. The poem was engraved on the wall of prison cell using chopsticks.

My sacrifice will fertilize the motherland, 失败膏黄土,
My success will save the people. 成功济苍生。

The identities of some martyrs who died in 27th, November 1949 are still unknown. They were pro-communist students and social activists. The youngest victim in Geleshan was Song Zhengzhong, an eight-year-old boy. He stabbed to death with his parents in 6th of September 1949. Song’s father was the adjutant of General Zhang Xueliang. General Yang Hucheng‘s family were killed on the same day. Yang’s daughter was only nine years old when she was murdered.

“Имя твоё неизвестно. Подвиг твой бессмертен.”

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