Hijacked Chinese Bulk Carrier “De Xin Hai” To Be Released Next Week

The spokesman of Somali pirates said they agreed to accept a ransom of 3.5 million U.S. dollars, the Chinese bulk carrier “De Xin Hai” and 25 crew members are to be released next week. A few days ago in regular press conference the spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry was asked about the ransom and negotiations, he said he couldn’t provide any relevant information on this.

“De Xin Hai” was hijacked last month on its route from South Africa to India. All 25 crew members come from China and 22 of them are from Shandong Province. The bulk carrier was 1080 sea miles away from Chinese convoy fleet when the incident happened.

Some observers criticized the government for banning the media report on this incident, while it is necessary for the state-owned media to keep quiet before those crew members safely come home. Similar strategy has been deployed by the U.S. when their soldiers been kidnapped by terrorists.

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