Wang Boming: Faith in Journalism Never Changes

November 22nd, Caijing Magazine published volume 251. Editor in chief Wang Boming wrote the editorial “The Insistence supported by Ideas – To Readers”. Wang said he had never written editorials in his 12 years career life as editor in chief, but facing the empty building after the resignation of Caijing editors, he “had to” work out on his own.

In the editorial Wang reminded the days when he studied in the U.S. as a foreign student and the inspiration he once had when pursuing the social justice and news authenticity. He said he had never changed his faith in journalism.

The most important issue for me is to rebuild and advocate the journalistic ideas of Caijing Magazine — independent, exclusive, unique.

It is the fundamental basis of our mission to keep the independence of editorial right. We must consciously avoid being affected by commercial interests, and more importantly, resist the improper control imposed on us.

Bei Dao (Northern Island), a columnist of Caijing magazine wrote in his most famous poem 30 years ago:

“New changes and shining stars
Padding in unshaded sky
Shine on 5000-years-old Hieroglyphs
And staring eyes from future”

These lines exactly express my feelings at this time. A more open and diversified platform is ready for more young people.

— “The Insistence supported by Ideas – To Readers” by Wang Boming

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