Your Black Gold, My Blood Mine

Statistics show that there were 188 serious coal mine accidents (with the death toll of 10 or more) in China from 2001 to 2004, an average of once every 4-7 days. The death toll of coal mine industry all over the world was 8000 in 2003 and Mainland China accounted for nearly 80% with 6434 people died. In China, the mortality rate per Million tons of coal is 4%, which is 100 times of the United States, and 30 times of South Africa.

The table below shows major mine accidents happened in recent years.

Date Accident Location Death Toll Cause
2009.09.08 Pingdingshan, Henan 54 Illegal production
2009.02.02 Tunlan, Shanxi 78 Coal mine explosion
2008.12.05 Shanyin, Shanxi At least 30 Mine flooding, officials concealed the truth
2008.11.08 Chengcheng, Shaanxi 29 Gas explosion
2008.09.21 Dengfeng, Henan 37 Gas outburst
2008.09.08 Xiangfen, Shanxi At least 276 Dam collapse, officials concealed the truth
2008.08.01 Louufan, Shanxi At least 43 Iron-ore mine landslide
2008.07.21 Nadu, Guangxi 36 Mine flooding
2008.07.14 Weixian, Hebei 35 Explosion, officials concealed the truth
2007.12.06 Hongdong, Shanxi 105 Dust explosion, officials concealed the truth
2007.08.17 Xinwen, Shandong 181 Heavy rain caused flooding
2006.11.12 Lingshi, Shanxi 34 Illegal production of explosives
2005.11.27 Qitaihe, Heilongjiang 171 Dust explosion
2005.08.07 Meizhou, Daxing, Guangdong 121 Mine flooding, illegal production
2005.02.14 Sunjiawan, Liaoning 214 Gas explosion
2004.12.02 Tongchuan, Shaanxi 166 Gas explosion

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