22 China’s Internet Innovation Models in the Last Fifteen Years

Left bank reading listed 22 China’s Internet innovation models in the last 15 Years:

1, Forum. Discussion forum is the origin of China’s Internet. The real life of grass roots and Chinese traditional wisdom can only be found in those forums.Tianya.cn is the best place for understanding Chinese people and their life.

2, News. white-collar workers like Sohu.com , Netease (163.com) enjoys its success in southern China, QQ dominates the market of those simple minded young people, Sina.com.cn suits the taste of silent majority. People read news, dot com sells ads.

3, QQ as Instant Messenger. QQ (once was OICQ) is the legend in China’s IT industry. A huge number of users generates tremendous cash flow day by day. Buy more shares of QQ today, enjoy more beer of joy tomorrow.

4, SP for mobile networks. Ring tone and message services once were cash cows for many Internet pioneers. Those days of easy money have long gone.

5, 51Job.com , pronounces as “I need job”.

6, Search engine wars come and go, only Google and Baidu stand.

7, Xunlei.com . The shameless vampire sucks Internet bandwidth from innocent computer users.

8, 3721. The patriarch of malware, always be interested in users’ Internet explorer.

9, Navigation websites. Countless websites followed the way of Hao123 and 265.

10, Email, especially the groundbreaking innovation of Gmail which changed the market for ever.

11, Games. Life is short, play more, and spend more.

12, Allyes advertising network.

13, Ctrip.com . Order services for flights, airline tickets and hotels.

14, PPG/ Vancl. Online menswear retailers, featured with advanced supply chain management.

15, Dangdang, Joyo Amazon. Shopping websites.

16, Taobao. Ebay style auction platform.

17, Alipay. Online payment solution.

18, Alibaba. B2B model.

19, Online video sharing. Ku6, 56, yoku and so on.

20, Internet Communities: SNS, Web2.0, product reviews.

21, Classifieds.

22, Mobile Internet.

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