China International Television (CITV) Plans to Broadcast

Xinhua News Agency planed to launch “China International Television” (CITV) in November 7th on its 78 anniversary, but then postponed to 18th. It’s reported that this satellite TV channel will mainly focus on Chinese and international news, the first step is to launch Chinese programme, followed by plans to launch English news in January of next year. Broadcasting coverage first includes the Asia-Pacific region, later on will add Europe and the United States.

Compared to the English-language news channel of China Central Television 9th (CCTV9), the China International Television founded by Xinhua News Agency is the “all news” TV Channel featured with 24-hour rolling broadcast, some people called it “China’s CNN”.

An official who is in charge of monitoring the media said: “As Al-Jazeera reflects the perspective of Arab, news reporting of China International Television will be based on China’s opinion, rather than Western perspective.”

It is still unclear which domain they’re going to use, as there’s another channel also named “China International Television” ( )

The domain whois info:
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