Obama Bows to Japanese Emperor

Time has changed, over 60 years ago general Macarthur used to be the Overlord of Japan after second world war, but now Obama showed his respect to Japanese emperor in an unusual way — he bows to Japanese emperor. The photos tell everything.

Douglas Macarthur is pictured with Emperor Hirohito. Macarthur “treated Emperor Hirohito respectfully but, as his body language in this black and white postwar photo demonstrates, was not particularly deferential.”

Maybe this really “hurts the feelings of the American people“, but it is understandable in eastern society. We had something much worse in China. Obama may be required to kneel down when he meets a Chinese emperor. Date back to the Qing dynasty, when George Macartney , British statesman, colonial administrator and diplomat first time visited China in 1793, Chinese royal court asked him to kneel down when meeting Qianlong Emperor. As a “decent gentle man”, Queen’s diplomat, George Macartney refused to kneel down on both knee, instead he accepted to kneel down on one knee. The Chinese royal court explained to Qianlong Emperor that those British have pool health condition of “rock hard knee” and they were unable to kneel down or kowtow like Chinese people. That’s the story of poor George Macartney. I would say it’s fair enough for Obama this time, Akihito also looks pleasant on the photo.

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