Hu Shuli Founded Her New Management Consulting Co.,Ltd.

The news from revealed that Hu Shuli, former chief editor of Caijing Magazine and her fellow team registered a new company named Beijing Zhidianyuanfu (智点原富: Intellectual Pivot Points & Origins of Fortune) Management Consulting Co.,Ltd in 2008. Industrial and commercial registration information shows that the majority of investors are journalists and managers from Caijing Magazine.

It is reported that after the resignation in November 9th, Hu Shuli intended to become Dean and Professor of Institute of Media & Communications, Zhongshan University in Guangzhou. She might also start the website “Caixin Net”, or establish the financial news weekly in Beijing jointly with Zhejiang news group. Financial news weekly could compete the Caijing Magazine in the same market, however it may take 3 months or longer time to get approval from the State Press and Publication Administration. There are more complications in the approval process when considering the negative impact of those unexpected news events published by Hu Shuli and her team in the past.

Been one of the founders, Hu Shuli had worked in Caijing Magazine for 11 years. Caijing Magazine once was the monthly supplement of Securities Market Weekly. Volume 250 of Caijing was published just before the the resignation of Hushuli and her fellow team.

The China Times found some earlier comments posted on IBTimes almost 20 days ago:

It is really something scandal as Ms Hu Shuli is still the chief editor of Caijing Magazine for the time being. But she and her main team registered a private co for her future leaving and future new own magazine which believed called New Cai one year before. In China, Hu Shuli almost being a red flag means Dare and Free. But now, the fact shows something we didn’t know before.
— scandal

Maybe everyone thinks Ms Hu is a pioneer fighting for free speech. But the fact shows Ms Hu is so powerful to block the webpage about the report of her company registered one year ago preparing for her own new magazine New Cai, although she is still the chief editor of Caijing now. The webpage’s life is about 3 hours from appearing to disappearing. Without Ms Hu’s government relationship background, who can do this perfect?
— Sam

Industrial and commercial registration information of Beijing Zhidianyuanfu Management Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Registration No. 110108011290147
Business Type: limited liability company (natural investment or Holdings)
Principal name: Beijing Zhidianyuanfu Management Consulting Co.,Ltd.

The legal representative / responsible person: Wu Peng ( Journalist of Caijing Magazine )
Administrative divisions: Haidian District,
Date of establishment: 2008-08-26
Registered Capital: 10 万
Operating period from: 2008-08-26
Operating period to: 2028-08-25
Issuing Authority: Haidian Branch of Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Administration
Company Status: open
Address / place of residence: 北京市海淀区青云里满庭芳园小区9号楼青云当代大厦20层2006房间

Order Name Investment Contribution ratio

1 高海燕 Gao Haiyan 15.60 15.53%
2 张翔 Zhang Xiang 12.00 11.95%
3 胡舒立 Hu Shuli 5.00 4.98%
4 杨大明 Yang Daming 5.00 4.98%
5 王烁 Wang Shuo 5.00 4.98%
6 吴鹏 Wu Peng 4.44 4.42%
7 张进 Zhang Jin 4.00 3.98%
8 吴雅静 Wu Yajing 4.00 3.98%
9 傅继红 Fu Jihong 4.00 3.98%
10 张继伟 Zhang Jiwei 4.00 3.98%
11 康伟平 Kang Weiiping 3.00 2.99%
12 叶伟强 Ye Weiqiang 3.00 2.99%
13 王晓冰 Wang Xiaobing 3.00 2.99%
14 周桓 Zhou Heng 3.00 2.99%
15 左浩坤 Zuo Haokun 3.00 2.99%
16 凌华薇 Ling Huawei 3.00 2.99%
17 杨亮 Yang Liang 2.00 1.99%
18 张立辉 Zhang Lihui 2.00 1.99%
19 农颖斌 Nong Yinbing 2.00 1.99%
20 于宁 Yu Ning 1.00 1.00%
21 王以超 Wang Yichao 1.00 1.00%
22 段宏庆 Duan Hongqing 1.00 1.00%
23 戚娟娟 Qi Juanjuan 1.00 1.00%
24 李昕 Li Xin 1.00 1.00%
25 赵剑飞 Zhao Jianfei 1.00 1.00%
26 贺晓柳 He Hongliu 1.00 1.00%
27 汪弘彬 Wang Hongbin 1.00 1.00%
28 肖瑶 Xiao Yao 1.00 1.00%
29 高云鹏 Gao Yunpeng 1.00 1.00%
30 刘绯 Liu Fei 1.00 1.00%
31 曹海丽 Cao Haili 1.00 1.00%
32 李箐 Li JIng 1.00 1.00%
33 法蛮 Fa Man 0.40 0.40%

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