China ups spending related to quality of life

China’s central budget for 2013 features notable spending increases in areas closely related to quality of life, including education, healthcare, social security and public housing. Government spending on medical and health care increased by 27.1 percent year on year to 260.25 billion yuan (41.31 billion U.S. dollars), according to the central budget report submitted to […]

China to launch first national geographic census

China is set to launch its first national census of geographic conditions between 2013 and 2015, according to a Cabinet decision publicized Tuesday. A State Council circular said the census will target natural and cultural elements on the Earth’s surface within China’s land territory. Information on land features, vegetation, waters, deserts, and bare areas, as […]

Most Chinese believe CPI will rise: poll

Chinese people are feeling the pinch from rising prices, especially in regards to food and housing, and a majority believe prices will rise this year, an ongoing poll shows. Around 75 percent of respondents said food prices have the largest impact on their lives, while 15 percent pointed to rising home costs and rent, according […]

Beijing’s fireworks spree ends amid smog

Fireworks were set off amid heavy smog in Beijing on Sunday night to mark the Lantern Festival, the end to Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations and the city’s 16-day fireworks spree. On Sunday, the average density of PM2.5 hit 300 micrograms per cubic meter in some parts of the city, up from 200 micrograms per […]

China retrieves defaulted payments for migrant workers

The Chinese government is checking companies nationwide for defaults of migrant workers’ wages, with over a million workers having already recovered their hard-earned money. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced on Friday that authorities had helped 1.68 million migrant workers obtain defaulted wages and compensation totalling 8.75 billion yuan (1.39 billion U.S. […]

China spends more on affordable housing

China’s government has stepped up efforts to ensure housing for low-income residents as its regulated property market has warmed in recent months, new data has revealed. The central government allocated 233.26 billion yuan (37.1 billion U.S. dollars) for subsidized housing projects in 2012, up 36.2 percent year on year, according to an online statement by […]

China extends New Year greetings to overseas Chinese

The Chinese government on Wednesday extended New Year greetings to all overseas Chinese and those who have returned to settle in the mainland. Li Haifeng, director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, pledged to continue to care for overseas Chinese and returnees, as well as spare no efforts to safeguard their […]

China strives to reduce air pollutants

China will make more efforts to reduce PM 2.5 pollutants, as well as other pollutants, a government official said Tuesday. A national obligatory target will be set to limit PM 2.5 emission, which is a fine particulate matter measuring 2.5 microns or less in diameter, and monitoring and assessing measures will be introduced, Vice Minister […]

China’s demographic dividend disappearing

China’s demographic dividend has been disappearing since 2012, which will have significant impact on economic growth, the People’s Daily quoted an expert as saying in a Monday report. “We should be psychologically and politically prepared for the situation,” said Professor Cai Fang, a demographer and director of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics of […]

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