Internet start-ups ease China’s employment pressure

Chinese young people are seriously considering making a living online as the economic slowdown bites China’s more conventional jobs market. An Internet business boom has helped create more than 10 million jobs in China, which greatly alleviates current employment pressure, according to a new report by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS). […]

China becomes world’s top smartphone producer

China becomes world’s top smartphone producer

Chinese shipments of smartphones totaled 224 million units in 2012, making the country the world’s largest smartphone producer, official data showed Wednesday. In 2012, over 730,000 Chinese apps were launched on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms, and the number of apps in China Mobile’s online Mobile Market approached 150,000, according to a statement […]

Taiwan MOEA promotes cross-border e-commerce

Taiwan’s e-commerce sector is set for a significant boost under an ROC Ministry of Economic Affairs-initiated project that will help local merchants extend their footprint in overseas markets. Under the initiative, qualified data processing service providers will function as payment clearing agents for local e-retailers and foreign buyers, a critical step in assisting the former […]

China promotes Beidou technology on transport vehicles

Major transportation vehicles in parts of China are now required to use homegrown Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), according to the country’s transport authorities Monday. All tour coaches, long-distance scheduled buses and vehicles for transporting dangerous articles, should install the BDS service when they renew mobile navigation terminals, according to a Ministry of Transport (MOT) […]

Toshiba settles in Chongqing

Japan’s Toshiba Corporation determined to build its global laptop base in Chongqing on January 8, 2013, aiming at producing high-end laptops and tablet PCs. The settlement of this laptop base marks the overall accomplishment of Chongqing’s strategic layout of “5+6+700” (which means 5 brands, 6 OEMs and over 700 parts producers). Tan Jiangang

Samsung, LG fined for LCD panel price-rigging

Samsung, LG and four Taiwanese firms have been fined heavily for price-fixing of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels on the Chinese mainland. These companies have been ordered to pay 144 million yuan in fines and return 172 million yuan of extra payment to Chinese mainland buyers. The government also confiscated 36.75 million yuan of their […]

China’s top legislature mulls Internet regulatory measures

China’s top legislature mulls Internet regulatory measures

China’s top legislature on Monday began deliberating a draft decision to strengthen the protection of personal information online. The move is meant to promote the safe flow of personal information and protect Internet users’ privacy. The draft decision, submitted to the bimonthly session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), says the […]

iPhone 5 China sales top 2 million

iPhone 5 China sales top 2 million

Apple Inc.’s new smartphone, the iPhone 5, has been warmly received in China’s mainland, with more than 2 million of the handsets sold in the company’s second-largest market in the three days following the product’s launch. “Customer response to the iPhone 5 in China has been incredible, setting a new record with our best first […]

Liangjiang International Cloud Computing Industrial Park to enjoy operation

Li Xinming, member of CPC Working Committee of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, deputy director of the Administration of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, standing deputy director of Chongqing cloud computing leader team office, and president of Liangjiang Cloud Computing Construction Company, inspected the Liangjiang International Cloud Computing Industrial Park on the afternoon of December 4, 2012. […]

Chongqing develops real-time positioning system

The “Real-time Positioning System Development based on Linear Frequency Modulation & Spread Spectrum Technology”, a specialized electronic information project of Chongqing municipal scientific improvement plan, has been successfully approved by experts, according to Chongqing Science and Technology Commission on December 5, 2012. The existing commercial real-time positioning system must have the positioning accuracy of within […]