India to Heighten Nuclear Safety

India says it is planning additional safety measures to protect the country’s nuclear plants from a crisis similar to that of Japan, where an earthquake and tsunami badly damaged nuclear facilities.

Indian Supreme Court Grants Bail to Activist

India’s Supreme Court has granted bail to a doctor and activist who is serving a life sentence, for what prosecutors say is his support of terrorist insurgents. The decision is raising hopes among his many supporters worldwide that his conviction may eventually be overturned. Family members of Binayak Sen expressed relief and joy Friday, as […]

US Trade Mission Visits India

A trade mission from the United States is in India to explore the potential of a market where a buoyant economy and a growing middle class have American companies looking to take advantage of a huge business opportunity. Representatives from 15 U.S. companies visited the financial hub, Mumbai and the southern IT hub, Hyderabad before […]