Chongqing-Hunan Highway to be open

Chongqing-Hunan Highway to be open

Chongqing-Hunan Highway will be open to traffic on March 31. The Highway is more than 800 km long, among which Chongqing section is 413 km, and Hunan section is about 400km. It will only take about 8 hours to drive from Chongqing to Changsha after the highway is fully open. The tourism development of the […]

Changsha to Boost Cultural and Creative Industry

Changsha plans to vigorously propel development of cultural and creative industry this year with more efforts to boost the progress of market-oriented advertising, according to the Working Conference of the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce on March 6. The municipal bureau of commerce successfully organized 2011 China(Changsha) International Advertising Festival. With the theme of “Appreciating […]

Hunan Approved New National Industrialization Demonstration Base Ranks Fifth in China

Recently, three demonstration bases in Hunan, namely, demonstration base for automobile industry in Changsha Yuhua industrial park, equipment manufacturing industry in Xiangtan High-tech Zone and army-civilian collaboration industry in Pingjiang industrial park, were approved by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as third batch of New National Industrialization Demonstration Base.. A total of 9 national […]