President Barack Obama Shanghai Speech and Dialogue (Video & Full Text Script 2009奥巴马上海演讲/对话视频与中英文全文)

Remarks by President Barack Obama at Town Hall Meeting with Future Chinese Leaders Museum of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China Download MP4 (720MB) Download MP3 (53MB) 1:18 P.M. CST PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good afternoon. It is a great honor for me to be here in Shanghai, and to have this opportunity to speak with all of […]

Obama in China ( Live from Shanghai ) Obama met the students from Universities in Shanghai at 12:45 Beijing Time. Some highlights in his speech and the following dialogue: 1, Obama said “I never use twitter.” (But he had a verified account @ ) 2, Question from Internet users on freedom of Internet access. 3, Accent of Chinese students when speaking […]

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