Chinese grads eye smaller cities: report

College graduates in China prefer to work in second-tier cities and at state-run enterprises (SOEs), a new employment report has suggested. Only 42 percent of those who graduated in 2012 hope to work in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, which are recognized as China’s most competitive cities. Some 53.8 percent of 2011 grads targeted work in […]

French Revolution book popular in China

A 156-year-old historical book on the French Revolution has become a surprise hit in China, where readers have found “links” in the subject matter to their own country’s realities. “The Old Regime and the French Revolution,” written by Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville around 1856, has become a bestseller, according to the Commercial Press, which first […]

Chinese Academy of Sciences building overseas branches

China’s leading scientific institution is aiming to expand its influence by establishing overseas branches around the world, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced on Monday. The CAS has started building a comprehensive research center in Kenya, while branches in central Asia, southeast Asia and Latin America are being planned, CAS Vice President Zhang Yaping […]

China to strengthen national defense education

China will strengthen national defense education with a focus on safeguarding maritime rights, the national defense education office said on Monday. The protection of maritime rights and interests, as well as national security in general, will be highlighted in defense education for 2013, according to a circular issued by the office. Defense education will be […]

China vows upgraded protection for school children

A national meeting of social security organs’ chiefs from around China on Wednesday called for efforts to make schools safer for children. At least one full-time security guard will be posted at each of the country’s middle and primary schools, and kindergartens, according to the meeting. Comprehensive plans should be put in place to improve […]

Chinese language gains popularity in Serbian high schools

Chinese investments in Serbia have influenced more and more Serbian school children to take interest in learning Chinese language, said Wednesday Vesna Fila assistant to Minister of Education and Science, to Tanjug news agency. According to her words, Russian investments in Serbia such as South Stream Pipeline, are having the same effect to earlier less […]

1.2 bln yuan for vocational education

Chongqing will get 1.2 billion yuan from the central and municipal finance in the coming 2 years for the construction of the basic capacity of vocational technical education, improvement of backward educational equipment, and solving the incomplete platform. After inviting experts of industries and enterprises for discuss, as well as approved by the professional construction […]

Chongqing lifts exam ban for migrant workers’ children

When Chongqing issued new “gaokao” rules this week allowing children of migrant workers to sit the national college entrance exam in the city where their parents work, it left Zhao Tianxiang upset. If the rule had come three years earlier, his son would have taken the college entrance exam in Chongqing, where Zhao works as […]

Chongqing to carry out College Entrance Examination for Non-local Students

The Plan of College Entrance Examination for Non-local Students in Chongqing (the “College Entrance Examination Plan for Non-local Students”) will be carried out in 2013, according to Chongqing Municipal Education Commission on December 19, 2012. The children of migrant workers in Chongqing will be allowed to attend the national college entrance examination if they meet […]

Ministry of Education Furthers Hunan’s Educational Internationalization

On December 13 Hunan Provincial Department of Education released a statement revealing that the Ministry of Education recently inked an agreement with Hunan Provincial People’s Government concerning construction of a pilot area for comprehensive reforms of international educational cooperation and exchange, the only provincial pilot unit across the country. After signing of the agreement on […]