China’s first autonomous university issues diplomas

China’s first autonomous university issues diplomas

South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC), the country’s first autonomous university, has issued diplomas to two graduates, marking an achievement in the country’s higher education reform. Wang Jiale, 17, and He Minghao, 22, who were enrolled in March 2011, passed their dissertation defense and graduated from the school one year early on […]

Big discounts for imported food in Chongqing

As this year’s Spring Festival approaches, some supermarkets throughout Chongqing have unveiled big discounts on various kinds of imported food. In the Jiefangbei Branch of Carrefour, price of imported cheery will be reduced to 35.8 yuan per 500g from 69 yuan per 500g from January 20. to 30. At a supermarket near Jiefangbei, a box […]

SFAI prepares for Art Education Foundation

Luo Zhongli, president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (SFAI), donated his one-million-yuan ‘China Arts Award’ to the Luo Zhongli Art Education Foundation of SFAI. The non-public foundation was initiated with a fund of RMB 3 million yuan, including the 2 million yuan donated by schoolfellows of SFAI and the 1 million yuan from Luo Zhongli. […]

Spring Festival travel season 2014 begins

The Spring Festival travel season of 2014 began on January 16., 2014. It is estimated that 52.76 million passengers will travel by railway, plane, highway and boat during this period, more than in 2013. The travel season lasts from January 16. to February 24., 2014, 40 days in total. For highway transportation, Chongqing plans to […]

Liangjiang New Area draws 100bln yuan in 2013

Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing signed agreements with 240 projects for 2013, with a total contracted amount surpassing 100 billion yuan. The key projects include the cold rolled steel of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Tencent Data Centre, and the international clearing and synthesis project of Jinye Jewellery, respectively invested in with 7 billion, […]

Celebrating Spring Festival overseas

From January 15. to February 28., 2014, Chongqing will dispatch six cultural delegations to seven countries, celebrating Spring Festival with Chinese people living in foreign countries, according to Chongqing Commission of Culture on January 14. The ‘Joyful Spring Festival’ is an activity initiated by the Ministry of Culture as a key dissemination project reaching all […]

‘National Geographic’ Chongqing Photography Exhibition

The 125th Anniversary of the Photography Exhibition of National Geographic will end in Chongqing on January 23., 2014. It displays the classic covers and photography works in the time since its founding 125 years ago. All the works were displayed in Chongqing for the first time. There is also a 2013 Classic Works Area, which […]

‘We are iron ladies’, a student-written screenplay

A senior student at Southwest University wrote a screenplay ‘We are iron ladies’, reflecting the life of female white-collar workers. The screenplay has been approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and will be filmed after Spring Festival. ‘Iron lady’ (Nv Hanzi), a popular word on the Internet, indicates ‘masculine’ women in […]

China To Become Standalone Business Unit In APAC

Asia Business Outlook Survey 2014 reports China remains top investment destination in Asia   To access the report, please visit:   China is becoming a standalone business unit in Asia Pacific, as global companies re-organise their operations in the region, according to the Asia Business Outlook Survey 2014 (ABOS) from The Economist Corporate Network. The […]