Yunnan suspends “laojiao” reeducation system

Authorities in southwest China’s Yunnan Province have suspended the use of the much-disputed “laojiao” — re-education through labor — system, a local official has announced. The decision, revealed on Tuesday by Yunnan Politics and Law Committee chief Meng Sutie, marks the latest step by Chinese local governments to phase out the system, which allows police […]

China ends free postgrad tuition

The State Council, or China’s cabinet, on Wednesday announced that the country will begin to charge tuition fees for all its postgraduate students while offering more flexible choices of student financial aid. Starting from the fall semester of 2014, all newly matriculated postgraduates in Chinese universities will be charged tuition fees, the cabinet said in […]

China unveils reform guidelines on income distribution

China on Tuesday unveiled reform guidelines on income distribution amid growing public concerns over a widening wealth gap. The guidelines encourage further work to improve the initial distribution system and stepped-up efforts to build a redistribution adjustment mechanism, said a statement from the State Council, which declared approval and transfer of the guidelines. The guidelines […]

China strives to reduce air pollutants

China will make more efforts to reduce PM 2.5 pollutants, as well as other pollutants, a government official said Tuesday. A national obligatory target will be set to limit PM 2.5 emission, which is a fine particulate matter measuring 2.5 microns or less in diameter, and monitoring and assessing measures will be introduced, Vice Minister […]

China targets reproductive technology abuse

Chinese health authorities on Tuesday launched a campaign to fight against assisted reproductive technology (ART) abuse. Unauthorized ART use, surrogate motherhood and the illegal collection and supply of sperm and eggs, as well as the illegal sale and abuse of ovulation induction medicine, will be targeted, according to authorities. The Ministry of Health and health […]

Police detain four after Henan highway blast

Police have detained four people over a truck explosion that caused 10 deaths and a viaduct collapse in central China’s Henan Province, government authorities confirmed on Sunday. Investigations found that the fireworks the vehicle was carrying were produced by a firm registered in Pucheng County of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, said the press office of […]

Rain, snow to sweep central, east China

Rain and snow will sweep most of central and east China in the coming three days, accompanied by temperature drops, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) forecast on Sunday. Affected by a cold front, Inner Mongolia, some parts of northeast and north China, as well as regions along the Yellow and Huai rivers, will see temperature […]

Police chief sacked for concealing son’s crime

The police chief of Taiyuan, capital of north China’s Shanxi Province, has been dismissed from his post due to a scandal involving his role in covering up his son’s drunk driving offense. The decision was made on Friday at a session of the 13th Taiyuan Municipal People’s Congress, the local legislature, which appointed Liu Suiji […]

Death toll rises to 18 in NW China bus crash

Eighteen people have been confirmed dead and 34 others injured in a bus accident in Gansu Province after more bodies were recovered from the wreckage, government sources said Saturday. Reporters at the site saw rescuers had lifted away the wreckage and were finishing up their search for the missing at 7 p.m.. An overloaded bus […]

China detains 7 for “house sister” scandal

Seven people have been detained after being implicated in the scandal of the “house sister,” a woman alleged to have illegally amassed 20 homes using multiple identities. They will be subjected to criminal investigation for their suspected violations, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on Wednesday. Those detained include […]

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