Chinese scholar wins Russia’s Likhachov prize

Russia’s annual Likhachov Prize achievement was awarded here Friday to Liu Wenfei, a scholar from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and four top Russian contributors. Liu, a research fellow at the CASS Institute of Foreign Literature, has thus become the first Chinese scholar to win the prize. The Prize Committee recognized Liu’s contribution […]

Tibetan Buddhist palaces restored in Forbidden City

Tibetan Buddhist palaces and buildings in the northwest corner of the Forbidden City, currently the Palace Museum in Beijing, have been reconstructed after a disastrous fire nearly 90 years ago. The reconstruction strictly followed the tradition of materials, procedures and techniques to restore the appearance in the Qianlong Period (1736-1795), according to a Palace Museum […]

Chongqing’s Fuling Grand Theatre to open next March

Fuling Grand Theatre, which is the most high-grade entertainment public facility with maximal function and scale in Fuling District, Chongqing, has been completed after 3 years. It will be open to public in March 2013. Covering an area of 35,578 square meters with 1,038 seats, the Theatre is built in accordance with the national A-level […]

Nobel laureate Mo Yan wins top domestic drama award

Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan has won a “Golden Lion” Award, for his play “Our Jing Ke”, organizers said on Sunday. Mo and 13 others won the top prize in the dramatists category. His play “Our Jing Ke” was published with two other plays shortly after he was announced winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize […]

Paper-Cutting Talent in Changsha Commemorates 25 Hunan Heroes

Recently, the images of Chinese leaders like Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi vividly appear on the paper. Living in Wangjialong Community of Kaifu District in Changsha, Xu Mingxing with skillful hands cut the images of 25 Hunan heroes on the paper. He said he loved paper-cutting when he was a child and he has restored […]

Changsha Promotes Stamp Collection Culture

A launching ceremony for building Changsha into a model city in promoting the culture of stamp collection was held in Changsha on November 7. According to Liu Shaoquan, director of Changsha Post Bureau, the Changsha Stamps Collection Association has attracted over 6,800 registered members since its establishment in 1982. Changsha’s famous figures, beautiful sceneries, unique […]

50 Experts Discuss Improving Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Knowledge and Management

The Expert Symposium on Painting and Calligraphy Knowledge and Management opened in Changsha on November 6. Co-hosted by the China Art Science and Technology Institute and Hunan Provincial Culture Department, the meeting was attended by more than 50 domestic and overseas painting and calligraphy experts. Attending members proposed different methods and strategies to make up […]

Eric Liu: Citizen Who?

If you look beneath the rhetoric of many of our deepest political and cultural disagreements, what is often at issue is a simple question: what does it mean to be an American citizen? In a provocative one-man performance, former Clinton White House speechwriter Eric Liu, author of The Gardens ofDemocracy and The Accidental Asian, takes […]

New exchange platform for Chongqing local artists

Chongqing local artists and enthusiasts established the CQNEWS Sodality of Painting and Calligraphy on November 6, 2012. The Sodality is a non-profit art organization consisting of calligraphers, painters, collectors and auction companies in and outside of Chongqing. It is established to build a platform for art exchanges as well as a show and advertisement of […]